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Bob DeMars is a an award-winning filmmaker with over a decade of experience producing, writing, and directing.  In 2009, he produced his first documentary, "Adjust Your Color: The Truth of Petey Green", narrated by Don Cheadle.  This documentary was the follow-up to the acclaimed "Talk to Me", from Universal's Focus Features.  The documentary was distributed by PBS's "Independent Lens and went on to win the program's Audience Award for the year.


Ben Edwards is a filmmaker living in Portland, Oregon. He cut the first season of "Live From Daryl's House" syndication and The Palladia Network. He is also the editor of an audience award winning short film for the celebration Star Wars convention and audience award winning feature at the Ft. Lauderdale film festival. He will also dog or cat sit for you. 


Toby Wilson

Executive Producer

Gary Radtke

Executive Producer

Matt DiNicola


David Kort


Erin Karsh

Music Supervisor

George Reichart

Original Score

Christian Staehely


Steve Christian

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